From Brigita - Slovenia

Dear Mr. Long and NZA Tour team,

I would like to send my best wishes to you and NZA Tour team and thank you so much for your kind support during our stay in New Zealand. We are muchappreciated that you and your team’s effort to make our trip so meaningful and enjoyable especially you and our careful driver, Mr. Lindsay. All of the groupmembers were very happy with the tripand we areplanning the next group coming to visit New Zealand soon.

Once again, thank you so much for your help and look forward to seeing you soon,

All the best,

Brigita - Slovenia

From Mrs. Plana - Philippines

Good morning Mr. Long. We just landed in Manila. My whole family and Fr Nelson thank u so much for ur kind assistance in our tour. We appreciate the local sim card with load. It was very helpful to us. The choices of hotels were excellent. Maybe just feedback for u for ur future clients. In the Heartland Hotel Christchurch, one room can fit a family of 5. Thank u very much. We have wonderful memories of New Zealand. My boys will come back next year to Queenstown. Thanks to u Mr. long and to our driver Mr. Long for taking care of us. We will recommend our tours to our friends.

Mrs. Plana 

From Irma - Malaysia

I felt incredibly lucky and happy to be arriving in New Zealand - What's a beautiful and peaceful country! After completing immigration procedures at Auckland International Airport, we were welcomed by Mr. Long - CEO of New Zealand - Australia Tours & Travel. On the dedicated bus to Auckland City, Mr. Long introduced us about New Zealand: culture, history, and people here. Kiwis people were very friendly and professional.
However, I was extremely impressed by the pure beauty of this nature bestowed on the land of the Kiwi bird; the fireflies revelation of the caves in Waitomo preserved, as well as quality hospitality friendly and customer orientation of  Maori people at Te Puia - the land of white clouds, the show of clever dogs "take care of" the cute sheep farm at Argodome, and beautiful Kiwi farms...
I love the country and its people from the first visit. I believe a lot of other people agree with me.

Thank you, Mr. Long and Kiwis

Irma - Malaysia


From: Madame Shah – Singapore

Dear Mr. Long Nguyen – NZ Australia Tours & Travel,

Thank you for arranging my New Zealand trip in accordance with our preferred itinerary. So thankful for your technology.

We are from Singapore and we have not met but through online discussions, you were able to put together the necessary items for our trip in a very short time.

From your office in North NZ Island, you gave us updates every morning on our itinerary, reminded us of our pickups, call the car rental company for time extensions and you checked on us throughout the day to ensure our comfort and safety.

We appreciate every effort you've made in making sure our trip is a memorable and smooth sailing one.

Thank you so much and may you continue to gain support and success in building your company.

Kind regards,

Madame Shah

From: ANITA - Indonesia

Dear Mr Long,

Maybe it is a little late to send you this email to tell you about our feeling about the trip to NZ, sorry for that but we have been rather busy these days.

To begin with, thank for your thoughtful organization for us, from being picked up, dropped off at the airport and droven to the factories by Mr. Darrell. He is really quite a nice guy. Secondly, all our accommodations were very comfortable, especially the House at 41 Lake View Road where we had very splendid sightseeing. Certainly, we will have you book some nights for us next time so that our kids can have a chance to enjoy them. The beach and the view there were very peaceful. My husband has reminded of Roseland Restaurant from time to time. He did not think that there was a restaurant which could attract a lot of guests although it located very far from the main road. 

In short, we really like the trip of that kind in which you left us a lot of freedom to discover NZ by ourselves along with your thoughtful and careful guidance.

Thank a lot and see you soon there.

ANITA - Indonesia

From: Mr. Pham - Vietnam

Dear Mr. Long - NZ- Australia Tours & Travel Ltd 

Good day from Intertour Vietnam Corp.!

Just wanted to let you know that our group has come back Vietnam Safe and Sound!

We had a great time in New Zealand.  The driver (Mr. Jeff) were helpful, drive safely and keep the bus in good condition all the time. 

Local Tour guide was fantastic, very friendly and had great knowledge of the local area and tourist spots. He  helped with any questions from our Vietnamese clients especially some question about local life in NZ

The accommodation was good at its price and all of the hotels we stayed in were comfortable, clean, good location and good view too. The food we had in the tour  was good and we could not have asked for anything else ( excepting the fresh chilly  seems not much & expensive in NZ )

The boat we went on in Milford Sound (Real Journey NZ) was nice and gorgeous. The food was great within its kind.  Staffs on boat were very helpful and warm. 

Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip in  New Zealand which is a new destination with beautiful scenery and we surely will promote more groups to New Zealand in very close time in the future! 

Sincerely Yours,

Ba Can, Pham / Mr. - 
Intertour Vietnam Travel Corp.

From: Mr Đang

In New Zealand trip of 7 days from 26/12/2015 - 01/01/2016, I was traveled experience full of fun and fulfillment here. Everything was perfect from the service until all the people here. Our delegation visiting Auckland 4 nights, then fly to Queenstown for visiting here 3 nights. We were warmly welcomed by the natives and driver services such as hotel reception, restaurant staffs. Everything is wonderful and friendly combined with the majestic scenery of New Zealand. The trip leaves many special feelings for me and the whole crew. Our family will return to New Zealand to explore the city's many tourist and more.

Mr Đang Huu Huy & Family 

From: Mr. Gan Cheong Pet & Family

Everything was accordingly to the itinerary planned & punctual. Good as it is. No need to change anything.

Mr. Duy (our tour guide) was an excellent guide to us. He’s very knowledge & professional. We would want to appoint him as our guide next time and would highly recommend your company to our friends.

Thank you for an enjoyable holiday!

Mr. Gan Cheong Pet & Family

From: Julie Ballard

Dear Long,

What more can I say, another successful tour of Vietnam.  This tour was my fourth visit to Vietnam, each one under the wonderful guide of Charms Of Indochina.  Everyone on this tour cannot speak highly enough of Long and all the effort he goes to.  Nothing is missed.  The accommodation first class buses extremely comfortable with great drivers.  The boat on Halong Bay was just beautiful and great fun was had by all.  The cooking classes were varied and great, on return to Australia we had a reunion and everyone cooked a dish they had learn’t, it was a great night and everyone was missing Vietnam.

Long is a very professional and highly intelligent tour operator.  It is his great humour, sparkling and entertaining personality and extensive knowledge of Vietnam that makes the tours.  I cannot ever imagine a tour without him.  To us Long is no longer just a tour guide but a great friend.  I never hesitate to recommend Long to anyone, and those who I have cannot speak highly enough of Long and Charms of Indochina Travel.  Nothing is too much trouble for Long, even taking one of the ladies back to buy a painting by the beach before we flew out of Hoi Ann.

Once again Long, thank you so much for everything you do and for just being your great self.  Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Julie Ballard

From: Wing Fatt

Dear Mr Long / Director- Charms Of Indochina Travel

We’re all having a wonderful time. Both you & Vicki has been taking very good care of all of us and Roger Yue is a most capable captain. The tours and food so far are enjoyable and well arranged. Karen is enjoying shopping with her gang like Janice, Jessica, Cecilia, Belinda, Monica, Kenneth, etc. I’m joining the drinking kakis like G, Mohan, Andrew and Long.

The young ones from Mohan’s family are noisily having fun all the time while newly Anin & Sheila are enjoying their honeymoon.

Long is most accommodating to the request from the ladies for shopping and more shopping but also made sure the men are well taken care of. Am not able to go out after dinner tonite due to heavy rain so the ladies are yakking in the lobby while the men are trying their best to finish the Black Label whisky which Andrew brought for dinner. G’s 3/4 finished Baccrdi rum is given to Vicki to take home to enjoy with her sisters. Long & Vicki and all of us werw singing in the bus as well as in the boat at Mekong river. Plenty of pictures to share…..


Wing Fatt

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