From: ANITA - Indonesia

Dear Mr Long,

Maybe it is a little late to send you this email to tell you about our feeling about the trip to NZ, sorry for that but we have been rather busy these days.

To begin with, thank for your thoughtful organization for us, from being picked up, dropped off at the airport and droven to the factories by Mr. Darrell. He is really quite a nice guy. Secondly, all our accommodations were very comfortable, especially the House at 41 Lake View Road where we had very splendid sightseeing. Certainly, we will have you book some nights for us next time so that our kids can have a chance to enjoy them. The beach and the view there were very peaceful. My husband has reminded of Roseland Restaurant from time to time. He did not think that there was a restaurant which could attract a lot of guests although it located very far from the main road. 

In short, we really like the trip of that kind in which you left us a lot of freedom to discover NZ by ourselves along with your thoughtful and careful guidance.

Thank a lot and see you soon there.

ANITA - Indonesia

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