From Irma - Malaysia

I felt incredibly lucky and happy to be arriving in New Zealand - What's a beautiful and peaceful country! After completing immigration procedures at Auckland International Airport, we were welcomed by Mr. Long - CEO of New Zealand - Australia Tours & Travel. On the dedicated bus to Auckland City, Mr. Long introduced us about New Zealand: culture, history, and people here. Kiwis people were very friendly and professional.
However, I was extremely impressed by the pure beauty of this nature bestowed on the land of the Kiwi bird; the fireflies revelation of the caves in Waitomo preserved, as well as quality hospitality friendly and customer orientation of  Maori people at Te Puia - the land of white clouds, the show of clever dogs "take care of" the cute sheep farm at Argodome, and beautiful Kiwi farms...
I love the country and its people from the first visit. I believe a lot of other people agree with me.

Thank you, Mr. Long and Kiwis

Irma - Malaysia


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