From Mr Thang - Fiditour Vietnam

I felt incredibly lucky and happy to be arriving  New Zealand - What's a beautiful and peaceful country! After completing immigration procedures at Auckland International Airport, we were welcome by Mr Long - CEO of New Zealand - Australia Tours & Travel. On the dedicated bus to Aucklans City, Mr Long introduced us about New Zealand: culture, history and people here. Kiwis people were very friendly and professional.
However, I was extremly impressed by the pure beauty of this nature bestowed on the land of the Kiwi bird; the fireflies revelation of the caves in Waitomo preserved, as well as quality hospitality friendly and customer orientation of  Maori people at Te Puia - the land of white clouds, the show of clever dogs "take care of" the cute sheep farm at Argodome, and beautiful Kiwi farms...
I love the country and its people from the first visit. I believe a lot of other people agree with me.

Thank you Mr Long and Kiwis

Cong Thang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Trip to North Island from 24 - 28 Sept, 2016 - 13 persons)

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